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Deck floors are used for exterior spaces. Essentially, it is a special wood trim known for its durability in heavy use and moisture.

Ideal for building outdoors such as swimming pools and terraces, because of their in humidity and the special method of installation,

Our company manufactures DECK floors of tropical wood MASSARANDUBA, COMARU, BRASILIAN IROCO, IPE, etc., while deck floor timber consisting of 70% wood fiber and 30% of high-tech polymer material.

Synthetic DECK is available in different colors and different techniques.

Advantages of synthetic DECK compared with the natural wood:
  • No maintenance
  • Fearless washing with water
  • Most inert material
  • Greater color stability
The wooden floors exterior, deck type are popular choice in gardening studies in recent years. For manufacturing floor levels and stairs can be used natural wood specific treatment (impregnation) or synthetic material of different colors, designs and sizes. The woods used are mainly from tropical species (teak, iroko, bakinrai) and installation should be done with great care by experienced craftsmen to avoid possible future losses (bending boards).

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