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We offer a wide range of services for our distribution partners and customers in Cyprus. These include:

Import and Representation
We act as an authorised importer and distributor in Cyprus, representing your company in the Cyprus market. Our factory is ideally-located at the centre of the Cyprus highway system. We can arrange:
  • Customs clearance
  • Container unpacking
  • Insurance arrangements (with third parties)
  • Bonded warehouse arrangements (with third parties)
  • Storage / merchandising
  • Distribution and delivery
  • Order management
  • Technical support
Wholesale & Distribution
We provide wholesale services and distribution to wholesale customers in Cyprus. These include:
  • Delivery scheduling
  • Order management
  • Technical support
  • Training
  • Processing support (see below).
Construction Materials Processing
  • Consulting and Design: We provide consultancy support for you to arrange your home, garden or other facility in Cyprus. We help you design decks, pergolas, shades, fences, and other items, from setting up the foundations through to finishing and varnishing the entire structure. We help you identify the most suitable materials for the Cyprus climate and environment.
  • Planing: Transformation of rough wood surfaces to smooth.
  • Custom Cutting: For fences, pergolas, timber houses and other applications, we provide custom cutting of wood and timber beams, frames, boards and other materials.
  • Painting and Varnishing: We provide painting and varnishing of wood items.
  • Installation: We can support installation, assembly and maintenance / repair through a well-established network of carpenters, gardeners and other specialists. We work all over Cyprus.
  • Delivery: We have a regular delivery schedule and can also schedule custom delivery routes all over Cyprus.

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to arrange a factory visit or receive further information. All enquiries are welcome.