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Wooden pergolas are made from premium quality wood, iroko-Swedish and etc. Applied to roofs, and uncovered outdoor places.

Another architectural feature space with great practical and aesthetic value and build a wooden pergola, which offers a shaded relaxation area and protects against weather (combination of wood with plexi-glass, glass or cloth). Installing wooden pergola should be in complete harmony with its surroundings. Having mainly decorative, wooden arches beautify the area along while have functional value as well as provide solutions for local shading. Restrooms are gazebos garden where you can enjoy moments of relaxation under the sun or to guard against a sudden spring or summer storm. Depending on the size of your outdoor space can be occupied by the construction of the size you desire, according to the activities which will be hosting on site. With gabled, hipped or pyramidal roofs and frame made of solid wood impregnated, can provide a touch of warmth to the wooded environment of your garden.

The wooden structures are tailored to the aesthetic and economic capacity of any client. As fences trellises can be used with different exposures, with straight or curved trim. Also can be used additional with planks of deck Swedish, bakirai, iroko, pitch pine, plywood and other materials.

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