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Wood Cladding & Construction Timber

We import, distribute and process wood cladding and construction timber for houses and commercial use in Cyprus. We distribute a full range of materials, from softwood and hardwood to laminates, OSB, MDF, and plywood.

In addition to wood supply, we process wood: planing, painting & varnishing, custom cutting, edge routing, notching and curved end cuts.
All wood cladding and construction timber is certified according to various quality systems, including CE Marking, Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) sustainability criteria, and up to CE24 strength grading.
The types of wood we import, process and distribute in Cyprus are:


The softwood products are resistant to harsh weather conditions in Cyprus (particularly high heat and wind) and are ideal for window frames, cladding, small furniture, T&G / tongue and groove structures, pergolas and other outdoor structures.


From our Larnaca factory, we import and process hardwoods such as irocco and oak, which is used in stairs, furniture, interior design, joinery, picture frames, tool handles, kitchen and bedroom cupboards, floors and others.

Construction Timber

We import pre-cut lumber planks such as Maureen, mouse, and can further cut and prepare construction timber for your needs in Cyprus.

Laminated Flooring

We import, prepare and process laminated flooring in a variety of styles and colours for building and construction in Cyprus.

Glue Laminated Timber (Glulam)

We import, prepare and process glue laminated timber (glulam) for decoration, building and construction in Cyprus.

Advanced Impregnated Timber

If you will use wood in outdoor constructions such as roofs, fences, pergolas, outdoor floor, this wood is processed protect against fungi, insects and microorganisms.

Oriented Strand Board (OSB)

OSB is a special wood laminate board using special glue, melamine and oriented wood particles. OSB replaced plywood in some applications such as construction (OSB for roof sheathing, support internal and external wall, floor structure), but also framed furniture, packaging etc.

Medium-Density Fibreboard (MDF)

We import and process MDF for all types and dimensions for use in home and office construction in Cyprus.


Plywood is used in furniture-and other uses where durability and aesthetics have a key role. Our plywood is highly durable and well known for stability.

Marine Plywood

Marine grade plywood is perfect for high moisture conditions and is highly resistant to cracking, warping and shrinkage.

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