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Do it yourself

Are you a DIY expert?

Want to make a table? Want to fix the shade of your pergola? Is your gutter damaged? Want to set grass at your garden? Does your pergola peel off? Do you like to gate your plot? Want to build a wooden tool cabin in your garden? Whatever you need for any maintenance, you will find it to our place!

  • Timber at any size
  • Plasterboard sheets at any size
  • Aluminum gutters, tubes, grips, channels
  • Varnishes in various colors
  • Specialized Tools for pergolas
  • Materials for pergolas (metal parts, corners, fittings)
  • Fencing
  • Artificial grass at any size
  • Screws, nails for Gas or air Pistol
  • Polycarbonate sheets
  • Glues

We can provide you whatever you need for any maintenance task for your home or your garden.

Our experienced technicians are at your disposal if you need assistance.

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