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Polycarbonate sheets are the most advanced types of plastic polymers that exist today, because of their mechanical properties and their variety in shapes and colors used in various constructions.

The polycarbonate material, which can be found in our factory for fixed or swing your roof, vary in color and shape (compact or cellular) and dual bearing shield UV, protects against the effect of polymerization due to the range of ultraviolet radiation of sunlight

Polycarbonate sheets are the most advanced solution glazing and housing, because they combine a large number of advantages such as the natural brightness of the area while protecting from thermal radiation.

They provide security and protection 200 times greater than glass and is unbreakable.

They are half the weight of glass and aluminum foil.

Provide better insulation than glass and have demonstrated excellent durability in all weather and atmospheric conditions.

It is flexible and can be curved with a minimum radius of 200 times their thickness

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